City Hall

The City of Buffalo’s elected government consists of five City Council members including the mayor. The mayor coordinates efforts with civic leaders to prepare the community to meet the challenges of the future. Through communication, teamwork and years of experience, the city government instills a sense of pride and accomplishment throughout the community, bringing many improvements, creating new jobs and preparing for further expansion.

Serving and protecting, the Police Department is highly visible and active throughout the community. The Police staff are leaders in sponsoring public service programs. They have a solid foundation within the community, forming active partnerships with local citizen groups.

The Buffalo Fire Department responds quickly to any call. They are highly trained in a multitude of required services and use the latest firefighting technology and most advanced equipment to promote the continued safety of the community.

Buffalo has its own fiber connectivity, wireless internet, electric distribution system, sanitary sewer and water services, a Civic Center and ice arena, municipally-owned-and-operated off-sale liquor stores, a newly renovated public library, and recently improved municipal airport.

Buffalo also supports a local community center where activities can be hosted for a variety of groups, including the seniors, who can receive meals and have social activities all in the heart of downtown.

To learn more about the Buffalo City Hall, please visit their website at or call 763.682.1181.


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